Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Remember when you had and awesome conversation with somebody and you wanted everyone to read it?.

Hear it is. typos and everything

Susan says:
Keevy. says:
Susan says:
Keevy. says:
Why do you appear to be offline?
Susan says:
i dont know
Keevy. says:
Susan says:
whats up?
Keevy. says:
looking for a song
and about to go to bed
Susan says:
you go to bed at 8?
Keevy. says:
not usually, but i gotta be at work at 6 in the morning
Susan says:
even when i had to be up that early i could never get to bed before 10
Keevy. says:
well as much as work owned me today, i donthtink it will be to hard
but im gunna tr to sleep around 9:30 ish
jsut to give it atry
Susan says:
its not that i didnt want to. it just never worked out for me that way.
Keevy. says:
well regardless what time i got to bed it going to suck
Susan says:
Keevy. says:
its work, and its super early. and i got so much stuff i have to do
Susan says:
Keevy. says:
but what ever
Susan says:
yeah...i need to get another job
Keevy. says:
think so?
Susan says:
need more money
Keevy. says:
you could sell all your stuff on ebay
Susan says:
i have nothing to sell
Keevy. says:
you could sell your organs
maybe your hands?
Susan says:
and then i could get money for disability
Keevy. says:
and you could learn to paint with your nubs, and people would feel so proud of you and how you overcame your personal defects. and you would be on the Today show and you would try to tell the story on how you lost your hands, but in the middle you would start to cry, but act like your not. because your STRONG! Then you would have every body in the world wearing t shirts with your face and nubs on the
and in big bold red white and blue letter it would read "Believe"
Susan says:
i dont think i wanna have nubs
i think ill just have a baby and sell it instead
Keevy. says:
Susan says:
anyway gotta go cuz im all done at *censored*.
talk to ya later
Keevy. says:
alright, ill check ya later
Susan says:

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Face Hurts!

I don't have much time.  So I am going to spit some wisdom at you real fireball like. 

Nivea Active 3 ( apparently used as body wash, shampoo, and shaving cream) is the most squalid, disgusting pile of lies and disappointment  you could ever spend 5 dollars on!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby, Baby,Baby!

It is 8:33 am, and I am definitely feeling the burn of yesterday.  A lot of stuff happened yesterday, but the main thing I guess worth noting is I met the new asst. manager/director/black dude, George…Blast! I cant remember his last name, Hammond?  I don’t know, but the thing I did notice is that he bares a remarkable resemblance  To my old G.E. general manager, Bobby Godwin.

Not very interesting I know

I promised myself I wouldn't use this thing as an outlet to bitch, but god damnit I am really tired.

So. get this! I was Referred as a “Lifer” yesterday, a lifer as in a person dedicated to a job for life.  What the hell kind of Mickey Mouse shit is that?  I told them I was a “3 yearer”, let them suck on that for a while! But seriously this kind of pissed off.  I mean sure this isn't my first choice as a job, but it was all that I could get.

I’ll rant more about this laterDSCN1400


( 24 hours later)

8:34 am, and I fucking died last night!  Although I was able to fail at finishing a drawing. There is a lot about this picture I’m not happy with, but THE PEOPLE HAVE TO RIGHT TO KNOW!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Simple Taste

It is 8:42,  I woke  up  at 7:30, and I don’t have to be at work until 10:00. Isn’t it funny how certain ideas seem so extremely genius  at night, but seem so fucking stupid after a nights sleep? I.e.  Waking up 3 hours before I have to work? 

But we all know that’s not the truth, the truth is, I’m just tired, and cranky as hell.  I am actually excited to get back to work, and hopefully somebody will be cooking lunch.   

Also, I am being accompanied by the angelic voice of Jeff Buckley, which is actually so far the best part about my day.

( 15 hours later…)


I am really tired and don’t want to type.  Watch this Monty Python video instead.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A New Digital Transfer

Well… Today marked my last day as a free man, starting between  10 and 11 am,  I will be back to reprise my roll as “Aramark Work Horse Machine”. (trade marked)  So that means…. I don't really know if it means anything… no, not really. 

Im sure you have been Jonesing  for a little glimpse  of how day  paned out.  Well try this on for size.  I just found out that 44 year old Scottish, stage, television and film superstar Alan Cumming is currently the host of Masterpiece Mystery?!  Yeah! Crazy huh? In fact he has been since 2008! How did I not know this?  Well, such is life is presume.  Anyway I don’t really have much today.  Hopefully starting tomorrow, something will happen tomorrow to inspire me to type about.

Two people living in my house are sick, and now I am in fear for my life.


    I will elaborate more on that in a while, first I want to tell you about my awesome/weird dream. Well the later portion of it anyway, because it is easiest to describe.  
   It starts off with me hanging out in Keytesville  with Bobby Brown,  you know, the Grammy Award-winning American R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, and member the famed New Edition.   Anyway Mr Brown and I are cruising highway 5 between the junction at highway 24 and the high school, tipping jugs off 2% milk and dancing to some kind of trippy mix between techno and Native American war music.  When we see Missy Elliot and some very creepy stranger, that would always seem to be paying very close attention to something that was about about 2 inches to the right of my face.
     I flash forward Bobby Brown and Ms. Elliot are gone, and I cant see the stranger, but I know he’s still there.  I am a little kid now,  and there are at the least 100 other kids around me, and we are just hanging out and doing kids things, before we know it, an extremely loud bell fills the entire room and all the kids including me Scamper off in to a little room that reminds me a bath room that was at my old elementary school.
      Fast forward. 
  I am in the same room now but it is a lot bigger and completely red. Everyone is gone save for about 20 people, we are super old and something is about to kill us. I am looking around seeing everybody lounging in red recliners, and I notice that I know these people but i cant recognize them  ( I am sure you know what I'm talking about), and they are bat shit crazy.  I look to my side and there is this young lady that i also know but can’t recognize, but I do realize that  she is like some kind of caretaker, and she is about poison everybody except me.   She leaves the room for a while and I see that every thing in the room is red! like the chairs, the walls and everything.   the young lady comes back with red Kool-Aid and I know that this will be the instrument of death The young lady glances at me which only reinforces my presumption, but also to tries to warn me that the Kool-Aid is poisoned.  But I have to sip the red drink so I can convince everyone else to drink the tasty beverage, but make sure not to swallow it myself.
Then I wake up.

Anyway right now it is 1:03 am  every logical bone in my body is screaming at me to go to bed, but I don’t want to.  Starting next week I will be working again, but only this time my job will require me to be present and 6 o’clock  in the am.  This does not please me, especially since i have been spending the last 3 months pursuing my responsibilities of  going to sleep at 5 am and waking up at the modest hour of 2 pm. But! Frown not my Royal reader, for this year will be first year I will get out of the dreaded grill! 

    Now don’t get me wrong the last 2 years i actually enjoyed working  in that little 300 degree hell box of evil. I got to  hang  out by myself, eat food, and easily avoid all the people I didn't want to talk to, but as the school year  started to draw towards its end I was just getting completely sick of it.  I had no particular reason for it, that’s just how it goes. I am sure you know what I’m talking about. 

On another note,  You may have noticed that this is my second post on this web site. pretty fantastic huh?  Well after a long and very exhausting  conversation with my very delightful friend Jesse K, he suggested that I start using this website instead of that dreadful Livejournal. (I love you livejournal) so hear you go.

Well, after 29 minutes  of talking to no one, I am leaving.

Monday, August 17, 2009

An Amazing Monster

Congratulations, you have just witnessed the birth of a new outlet  for the byproduct of my brain. My plan is to use this medium to update myself and you about the current on goings of my life.