Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby, Baby,Baby!

It is 8:33 am, and I am definitely feeling the burn of yesterday.  A lot of stuff happened yesterday, but the main thing I guess worth noting is I met the new asst. manager/director/black dude, George…Blast! I cant remember his last name, Hammond?  I don’t know, but the thing I did notice is that he bares a remarkable resemblance  To my old G.E. general manager, Bobby Godwin.

Not very interesting I know

I promised myself I wouldn't use this thing as an outlet to bitch, but god damnit I am really tired.

So. get this! I was Referred as a “Lifer” yesterday, a lifer as in a person dedicated to a job for life.  What the hell kind of Mickey Mouse shit is that?  I told them I was a “3 yearer”, let them suck on that for a while! But seriously this kind of pissed off.  I mean sure this isn't my first choice as a job, but it was all that I could get.

I’ll rant more about this laterDSCN1400


( 24 hours later)

8:34 am, and I fucking died last night!  Although I was able to fail at finishing a drawing. There is a lot about this picture I’m not happy with, but THE PEOPLE HAVE TO RIGHT TO KNOW!

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