Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A New Digital Transfer

Well… Today marked my last day as a free man, starting between  10 and 11 am,  I will be back to reprise my roll as “Aramark Work Horse Machine”. (trade marked)  So that means…. I don't really know if it means anything… no, not really. 

Im sure you have been Jonesing  for a little glimpse  of how day  paned out.  Well try this on for size.  I just found out that 44 year old Scottish, stage, television and film superstar Alan Cumming is currently the host of Masterpiece Mystery?!  Yeah! Crazy huh? In fact he has been since 2008! How did I not know this?  Well, such is life is presume.  Anyway I don’t really have much today.  Hopefully starting tomorrow, something will happen tomorrow to inspire me to type about.

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