Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have recently purchased  a brand new hoodie, and let me tell you something. The amount of comfort it provides is nothing less then pandemonium * 

While hauling goods across campus yesterday, I saw, what I assumed  was an art class sitting outside drawing landscapes, i.e. buildings and stuff. That was enough for me to go crazy and actually begin praying for some higher force to come sweep me up and deliver me home so I could do the same thing.  It was depressing.   Of course, 6 hours later, I come home, and decide I’m to tired and my brain couldn't possibly function well enough to endured a session of drawing.

  I have a million ways, to convince myself that I am not lazy.

  I intend on doing some this weekend though.  If nothing else, just to see how much my skill has fallen.


* Hurray for big words.

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