Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slap The Coke, and Enjoi The Joke

I am broke, tired, hungry, and with out cigarettes.

I have been patiently  waiting  all day for something Goddamned extraordinary  to talk about. All I have is an inclination that a there might be a wedding.

I think one of my cousins are getting married. not my real legit cousin, but just a girl I randomly see on holidays.  I'm  not even 100% sure that we are related at all.   I’m also not sure she’s even getting married,  all I have to go on is a pic of white dress in a facebook picture, and a very Bride-to-be-isque. comment from our mutual aunt.

  Now see me and the girl in question are not facebook friends.  There isn't a reason for it,  I just never cared to add her. I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

I will still call her a cousin though.  I got an idea!

I used to draw a lot and I when it came to drawing, I did it like a fucking war vet dreaming of his young days. 

But as time goes on and other things in life kind of sneaks its way in to your priority list. Before you know it your on choked slammed against a butchers meat table and forcefully  talked into  watching a peanut butter and jelly fight* for a little bit of overtime. 

But, let me tell you something! I would gladly take that type of abuse if I could only find the joy in things I used to do. Then maybe, just maybe, I  could pick those old habits back up again.

I’m sorry life doesn’t work like that.  

Its amazing how the least amount shit take a toll on your life.

*  “peanut butter and jelly fight” means what ever you want it to mean. i.e. “To watch two animals from two different critically  endangered species fight  to the death, or fornicate. Which ever would come first. or whatever you wanted.

2x mutual *giggles*

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