Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These are Mostly lies.

After a better part of a day of looking at reviews and information, I decided to buy a novel,  of the graphic nature.  Both in explicit content (that I didn’t know about before hand) and the fact that it was a huge bounded comic book  

I need to back track…

4 days ago, I accompanied my humble roommate Alex to the mall so he could decide on a 59fifty black on black with white trim Boston Red Socks hat.  After some passive conversation with the Lids sales representative, three different 7 5/8” hats and my constant interjections that he would be better off with brand new Yankees hat*  he decided to pass on a hat at that point at time.  So with nothing left on the agenda we decided  to take stroll to the B&N  for a pair of mocha fraps and to secretly find out how they wrap their sandwiches so I can apply the same process to the sandwiches I make at work.  


So as I semi-inconspicuously trying to poke my face over the display counter trying to steal a glance at their delicatessen machinery,  I simultaneously hear the  deep, low grumble of Alex, with a high contrast of 3 squawking college girls jabbering away, about every thing that that could be describe with words like “totally” “like” “she’s such a bitch!”  and “I got cramps”.  I found this hilarious. Alex did not.   

After less then 5 minutes of waiting, and a fruitless intel recon mission, it was our turn to order.  I stand at the counter, and being  fully aware of exactly  what I am about to order, I still recite the words in my head to make sure I that don't fuck it up.  I disguise this little trick by glancing at the menu  board on the wall for a couple seconds.  After enough time goes by and I feel confident that these next series of words will be executed with little to no flaws, I notice that the cashier lady is kind of Pretty. Which leads my mind to wander away from the task at hand and I passively  mouth the words, “tall mocha frap chino”. I walk by not  yet realizing my mistake. 

Next is Alex’s  turn, and honestly I don’t have any idea what he ordered I am too busy recalling everything that just happened in the last five minutes. Between  mindlessly zoning out and unintentionally staring  at the pretty-faced Starbucks employee  I hear the call “tall mocha frap chino” and realize I wanted a grande

I grab my  beverage and meander over to the graphic novels area, just to see if there is any thing worth looking at.   I saw it….

Bottomless Bellybutton.  written and drawn by Dash Shaw.DSCN1404

This 720-page 6" x 8.5" monochrome,Thirty dollar, softcovered monster caught my eye.  But I did not buy it for the money I had  was … I didn’t have any money, or at least I didn't have 30 buck to spend on a comic book. Distraught but not defeated, Me and Alex work out way back home.

When we finally reach home, I  allow my body to go limp as  I fall to the couch and be taken hostage by  a very eager air conditioned living room.   After a couple moments  contemplation on incredible things, I decide to research my new object of affection. As I skimmed though various Wikipedia pages and a massive publishing website, I discovered, though with no surprise, this was a well liked book. A lot of reviews claim its a magnificent  piece of work and should be read by every literate  human being alive. Not bad huh?

4 days later

I was slightly hysterical  when I found out that I had 80 dollars in my dead beat account. With out a skipping a beat Alex and I return to our old familiar journey to the mall!  Alex determined to by a Red Socks hat, and myself to own a really big book with pictures .

There really isn't much to say after this point.

Up until the point I finished the book….


After I finished the book,  I got to say I  was slightly discouraged.  Although, I was Impressed by the artwork, and the metaphors of sand and water and stuff, this book had nothing to offer me, especially nothing worth 30 bucks.


this took me four days to write and you should feel lucky and privileged  that I had enough ambition to finish itits not finished



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