Saturday, October 3, 2009

Poor Fools Though I Was A Bush.

Today is Friday, and for the first time in seven days I feel pretty good. I own a pair of  headphones dubbed “The Skull Crusher”. Which is a fitting name  because they are giving me a morphine drip dose of  skull  crushing.

Not literarily of course.

Westboro Baptist Church come to town today. Along with a handful of other things, they are bitching about a play being held at Stephens.  I can’t remember the name of the play, but it was about that gay kids who was tortured and left to hang on a fence to die.  I think, that’s how it was described to me anyway.

Christians are crazy as hell.

There are things about me that I cherish, including patience,  my  Sylvester Stallone impersonation, and my alone time when I am taking a dump.  Because of this I do everything in my power not to use the faculties at work.

To many variables working against me.

But today was a horrible exception. After about 2 hours of fighting the chronic discomfort of bubble guts I bit the bullet and decided that the fight was pointless. 

So, as I briskly walk towards the locker room, paying close attention  to the placement of my feet, do to the greasy floors, and my noncompliant  footwear.

I cant remember where I was going with that, but the basic skinny of this story was a dude was taking a dump in the stall beside me. afterwards I couldn't figure out who it was because I didn't work with anyone that had the same shoes as the him.

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