Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sparkling Vanilla

It is 4:45, I am tired, cold, and sore.  It is raining outside, and Bret Favre is a large basket of pickled dicks! Not to mention I have an intense case of heartburn. 

So, just 20 minutes ago. While I was taking a shower, I got shampoo in my eyes, and just like any other morning, I had to take my shower blind.  So while I hang out in the shower not being able to see anything, I use my hands to find the soap, and my shark lufa and get the job done.  Of course after that I would tell myself “Hey you know what? I Think I could handle being blind. At least during the mornings.”  Feeling good about my little confidence boost, I used my sense of touch and find my tooth brush and paste.

I hold the tooth bush.

I squeeze the tooth paste.

I completely miss.


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