Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Wasting Some Time.

Whats going on today? Im just sitting here, enjoying my bad self.

It always feels I have a certain  mental hump I always have to get over before I start to do something I enjoy doing. Its weird.

that was written like 3 days ago, and thanks to my handy little firefox add-on. It saved everything for me.

Well, it has come down to the last week of work for me until I'm off for summer, I believe it is time to break down and find a new job. I have had over 3 years to buck up of get friendly with my work situation;  and with no avail, things are still terrible.

Is that where a semi colon goes?

Anyway, My room is clean, It is down right dispicable how cluttered my room gets. It seems if I forget to fold clothes just one single, solitary, time, its as if a fireball destroyed my room with out any fiery mercy

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