Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Chronicals of a Bored Man Staying at His Dads

I have to get this down before I forget.  I am now watching Law and Order Ci With Jeff Goldbloom and the opening theme is intense. I will make sure to elaborate more on this later. I miss television, I  would like to pretend that I'm one of those douche bags that act like they are to good for for television.  But the truth is tv helped raise me, Not to the extent of Jim Carry in  the Cable Guy, but Nonetheless it has always been on. 

I miss Jamie Lee Curtis suggesting yogurt  to help me shit more often.

Im refering the activia commercials,


One hour of justice later...

Thank god for a second episode  of LAO:CI¹ and  the theme that might have
been composed by God himself. It seems that he may have had a
converstation with Dick Wolf. Talked some shit out, busted out the
sunburst strat, and just jammed out the most bad ass version of Law and
Order music ever.

dun da dun dun  dun daaaaaaa!!!³

Day 2.
I am sitting on my old mattress on the living room floor watching more tv. Laundry is in the wash,  and Im doing pretty good.

God bless

almost 2 hours later.

Im still on the mattress,  Everybody Loves Ramon  is on, and with any luck, another episode will be on next...
wait for it.....


God fucking bless you, Ray Ramono!

I don't know who decided that hot chick from the progressive commercials is named Flo.  I don't remember  ever hearing that name before.  I will accept though.
Laundry's done

¹Law and Order: Criminal Intent

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