Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Am The Tight Rope Between Sanity and Madness, And You Are Slipping!

Shall we chalk today up as a success?  I will say yes. 

I dont know words that will describe to you exactly how tired I am,  This is a good thing.   Not a lot to report right now,  later

One day later, 

Wanna know what I did today? I helped somebody spell 'Velociraptor' ... Ironically  mister squiggly read line under Velociraptor (<again)
tells me that it is spelled wrong, But Senior Google tells me that it is spelled perfectly fine  so I shall continue...

That last sentience just confused the hell out of me, and it probably absolutely made no sense to you at all.

Thats ok though,

Everybody needs a little bit of obscurity and confusion to help keep them from going absolutely freaking nuts.

*Proof reading again...*

Ok, actually, I think you can grasp the content,

I feel completely riddled with fatigue, and my bones....  My bones are fine actually, I don't have anything.

Love Keevy

Monday, September 6, 2010

The time it takes me to get from over there, to somewhere else.

Tomorrow is the first day of stars, and for some, the the first day of everything extraordainary.  It feel like it would be something completely out of my Charactor for me to start going crazy about how excited I am. 

Honestly, I am pretty excited, but I'm more excited about a good steady 40 hours I hope to be getting. 

I have also realized that my last post made absolutely no fucking sense what so ever, and for that I will never offer and apology. Although, I will grant you my empathy, because we both know that you missed out on something completey profound. 

Love Keevy

Twelve Monkeys

So  work has finally started back up, and I am welcoming the stable routine with open arms.  and with any luck I might en