Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Am The Tight Rope Between Sanity and Madness, And You Are Slipping!

Shall we chalk today up as a success?  I will say yes. 

I dont know words that will describe to you exactly how tired I am,  This is a good thing.   Not a lot to report right now,  later

One day later, 

Wanna know what I did today? I helped somebody spell 'Velociraptor' ... Ironically  mister squiggly read line under Velociraptor (<again)
tells me that it is spelled wrong, But Senior Google tells me that it is spelled perfectly fine  so I shall continue...

That last sentience just confused the hell out of me, and it probably absolutely made no sense to you at all.

Thats ok though,

Everybody needs a little bit of obscurity and confusion to help keep them from going absolutely freaking nuts.

*Proof reading again...*

Ok, actually, I think you can grasp the content,

I feel completely riddled with fatigue, and my bones....  My bones are fine actually, I don't have anything.

Love Keevy

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